About BritCoin

BritCoin was launched in June 2014 with one simple objective, to change the way the people think about their currency and offer an alternative that will improve their lives in many different ways. There is no one owner of the BritCoin, being peer-to-peer means that there are no central banks or private companies in control of Brit. Similar to the Internet, anyone with access is part of the network.

A public ledger, known as a "blockchain" is used for keeping records of individual wallet balances and transactions, which is maintained and updated by each individual wallet running on the BritCoin network. Think of the BritCoin wallet as a personal digital bank account of which you have full control over, send BritCoins to anyone who has a BritCoin wallet address.

All coins held in your wallet will give you 5% annual interest though our 'Proof of Stake' (PoS) system which means newly minted coins are distributed fairly, not controlled by small groups of mining farms as is the case with Bitcoin. This system ensures a fair and evenly distributed supply of new coins until the 20 million total supply is minted.

The BritCoin Development Community

BritCoin has a dedicated team of 6+ people currently working hard on improving the Brit wallet, promotion and design while also releasing new features regularly. We also have an amazingly passionate community that help promote awareness for BritCoin. If you have any skills that would be helpful we'd love to hear from you.

BritCoin Technical Specs

  • 20 Million total coin supply
  • X13 Algorithm
  • Near instant transfer times
  • 5% Annual Interest
  • 12 hours min stake age
  • No IPO
  • 1000 Coins per block
  • Ports: Main=9197, RPC=9198

  • Download the BritCoin wallet now!

    How to get started with BritCoin in a few easy steps..

    Step 1: Download the BritCoin wallet software for Windows/OSx/Linux etc by going to the 'Wallet Downloads' section on our homepage.
    Step 2: Unzip the contents to example C:\BritCoin\ and run the britcoin-qt client. You may get an error on the first run if Windows Firewall doesn't allow the connection. Remember to click 'Allow access' if prompted.
    Step 3: Let your wallet synch with the BritCoin network. This may take some time to complete, it's dependant on your internet connection.
    Step 4: Once synced, you can now create your own BritCoin wallet/s address. Click on 'Receive coins' to create as many wallets as you feel you need, there is no maximum/minimum. To copy one of your wallet address, right click on it and select 'Copy address'.
    Step 5: To obtain BritCoins you can either buy them from BuyBritCoins.com (UK only currently) or trade BTC for BritCoin on Bittrex. Using one of the wallet addresses you created as the "sent to" BritCoin address.
    Step 6: Once your coins have been received and confirmed, you can leave them there to collect the 5% annual interest (wallet must be online and unlocked) or send them as a payment or gift to anyone else with a BritCoin wallet, it's up to you what you do with them.


    BritCoin was launched with true British traditional ethics and values in mind. Values such as honesty, integrity, accountability and innovation. BritCoin belongs to the public, it is not controlled by a central bank.

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